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Harlyn Medrano

The face behind the lens.

           This unique portfolio features a balance of ordinary pictures, in all kind of shapes, objects, obstacles, color, and places. It was my privilege in getting to know the life in photography as soon as I took of hold of a GE Power Pro x500 camera. It had me wondering in how different everything looks from real life to a regular Digital SLR Lens. I now carry my Nikon D-SLR camera everywhere I go to capture moments like you see below this written letter . It's quite amazing in how a picture can say 1,000 words just from capturing the moment. I professionalize in angles, so I believe,  angles is what makes the photo it can be from a simple object laying around to a living moving thing. It helps me out a lot when I can manage to do both stabilize the camera and stand in a awkward position that you can't even imagine. Dedication, and hard work ethnicity is all I need to keep me motivated to capturing souls as I always say. I'm very passionate about what I do some people may not understand the way I work in photographing and/or what I like to take pictures of, but that's the beauty of it all. I am just a regular human been with an outstanding creative mind. It all started one day when I had a unique imagine in my head that played back to back everyday throughout a certain point. I could not have gotten that imagine out of my head for sometime and till this day it still replays in my head. For this be the reason why I do photography today. To make sure I capture every moment and every soul that walks by me. I can only thank God everyday for giving me this hidden talent. I hope everyone that visits my website enjoys it and explore it as much as I do. Thank you in advance for y'all support. May God Bless you all. 

w/ Peace and Love.




"I'm only human, I can only do so much." -Harlyn Medrano 2017